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Our Story

We’ve all received flowers. Whether for a Congratulations, a Thank You, a Birthday, a Thinking of You or Condolences, etc. They arrive, there is a moment of ‘aren’t these lovely’, and then begins the stress of finding a vase, finding a spot where they are safe, and then a week later dealing with smelly water, a dirty vase and dead flowers that need to be thrown away without making a huge mess.

On my last birthday, the house filled with flowers, and as I sat sneezing on the couch finding myself allergic to one arrangement that had arrived, hoping the dog and/or one of the kids wouldn’t knock any of the vases over, or worse decide to make the petals or leaves a snack, I thought ‘There has to be another way’. In a world where technology has touched so many aspects of our lives, why has the act of sending flowers remained the same?

Could there be a new approach, a digital way, to send flowers? Could it be made to feel luxe and sophisticated, thoughtful to those that receive, and purposeful to those who send? We believe there is, and with Flowerling we are setting out to establish a new, modern experience in sending and receiving flowers in a way That Makes People Smile and That Makes a Difference.

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We invite you to join our mission to use the latest in technologies to transform the ways and whys we send flowers, planting trees with every Flowerling sent.

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