Frequently Asked Questions

Once sent, how long do Flowerlings last?

Just like real flowers, your Flowerling begins to age as soon as it is sent. The lifespan of your Flowerling is 8 days. Unlike the real thing there is never any stinky water. Buying food for a Flowerling will add several days to its life - and still no stinky water.

Can I customize my Flowerlings?

No. Jk. Of course you can. Add a background image from your phone or take a selfie. Just keep it clean or not - your choice. You can also add a vase from our shop.

Can I send a selected Flowerling to multiple people?

No. That would be cheating. Each Flowerling is only for one person.

How do trees get planted?

We dig the hole and plant a tree, specifically a Mangrove tree in Madagascar, fancy right? All in partnership with Eden Reforestation project.

What to do when my purchase disappears?

Don't try again - we don't want you to spend coins unnecessarily! If your purchase disappears and the recipient does not receive the gift, please contact us right away.

How often does Flowerling update its flower shop?

We are constantly looking for new flowers, and will update our selection as we issue app updates.

Is Flowerling international?

Yes, you can send to anyone around the world. The app is currently available in all countries.

I don't have an iPhone. Can I use the Flowerling app?

Currently the Flowerling app is only available for iPhone users.

Can I send a Flowerling to a friend who doesn't have an iPhone?

Yes, you can. However because they will not have the actual app, they will only be able to view their Flowerling on via a web browser.

Is Flowerling in different languages?

No. Non. Nee. Jo. Laa. Votch. M hai. Ne. Ei. Nein. O'hi. Lo. Lie. Net. Nej. Currently English only.

Do the coins purchased expire?

While this would be greatly beneficial to us, the coins never expire.

How can I tell if my Flowerling has been sent?

First put down your drink, then go to your profile section, and select the 'gift sent' tab.

Are these real flowers?

Seriously!?! If we could do that we could all retire. Flowerlings are digital flowers that age in real time on your device.